Live Photo Sale

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ANY of the live photos on these pages can be purchased as 4"x 6" or 6"x 8" prints. (With ALL profits going to SATISFY, Inc...a GREAT charity for teens.)

Feel free to save a couple of photos for your personal use. However, if you want more than 2-3 pictures, PLEASE remember...ALL of these profits are being be good to "the kids" and please consider purchasing copies, rather than taking them all for free.

4"x 6" prints....$3.00/photo   (includes postage)

6"x 8" prints....$7.00/photo (includes postage)

Price breaks are available for LARGE quantities!

To order photos, please email me with the photo #s (as indicated on the URL of each page, i.e. "DU1-13"), sizes, and quantities.  Once your order is received, you'll receive an email confirmation & an address to send a cashier's   check or money order.  (No checks please!!!)



All photos displayed on this site are copyright 1984-1997 by Micky Jorgensen Photos, unless otherwise noted.  Photos may not be copied, reprinted or sold without the express written consent of Micky Jorgensen or Renegade