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(Substance Abuse Treatment & Intervention Support Fund for Youth)


"The drug problem in this country can be conquered, but it will take the effort of two generations working together...

                                               can't do it alone."


Renegade Website is a proud sponsor of SATISFY, organization which was established to give assistance to teenagers in need of substance abuse treatment.

Renegade's sponsorship includes a commitment to assist with fundraising. In 1998, I hope to donate one full scholarship through SATISFY, Inc. to support their believe that quality treatment should be available to every child who needs it, regardless of financial means.

To raise money for this scholarship fund, there are many items for sale/auction in the Collector's Corner. Some of these items will have a portion of the proceeds going to SATISFY, Inc., while others will have the ENTIRE profits donated. (In either case, if money will be donated, this information will be specified next to the item that is for sale.)

In addition, I am making many of my live photos of Styx, Damn Yankees, and the James Young Group available for sale. In the case of these photo sales, ALL profits (beyond reprint & shipping costs) will go to SATISFY, Inc. Styx has been very accommodating about allowing freelance photographers to shoot them (both in Styx & in their solo projects) and while I'd like to be able to share some of these pictures with other fans, I do not want to make a profit from it. Thus, SATISFY, Inc. has given me a vehicle to charge a nominal fee for photos (to keep people from requesting copies of EVERY photo I've got...I don't want to LIVE at the photo shop!) and not use it for my own profit.


For more information about SATISFY, Inc. or to make an additional donation to the scholarship fund, please E- Mail Me