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JY Talks

I had the pleasure of interviewing JY before a charity show at the China Club, in Chicago. While intimidating, he's also a great conversationalist and surprisingly honest with his thoughts...even about the future of Styx.

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MJ - "It's interesting to finally see "Out on a Day Pass" in stores  now, after it's been out for 2 years. What happened there?"

MJ - "Tell me about your band...where did they come from?"

MJ - "How is JYG going to differ from Styx?"

MJ - "Are you going to be doing any songs besides what you've  got on your 2 solo albums and some Styx stuff? During your  warm-up I heard some unfamiliar tunes..."

MJ - "I noticed almost everyone else in the band has a more  consistent hard-rock image than Styx did...must be quite a  change, a different style of music and a little harder edge to  everything."

MJ - "What Styx songs are you going to play tonight and are  they your favorites from Styx?"

MJ - "Is there anything on Day Pass or City Slicker that was  maybe a "Styx hopeful" that didn't quite make it for the sound  you guys were looking for at the time? Anything that we might  have heard Styx doing a few years ago if things had been  different?"

MJ - "Are there any bands out there right now that you really like  to listen to? Anything that might influence what you're doing?"

MJ - "Being the age that I am, people are surprised that I'm a  Styx fan. A lot of people my age & younger also say, "Didn't  they  sing Mr. Roboto?" and it's kind of funny because there's a  misperception out there about different styles of music Styx has  done. How do you feel about that?"

MJ - "Did you get a chance to hear any of the Damn Yankees  albums? What did you think of them?"

MJ - "I assume that the official status of Styx is that you're still on  hiatus? Do you see anything new coming up?"

MJ - "Did you get an opportunity to see Dennis in Jesus Christ  Superstar?"

MJ - "Would you ever like to work with Tommy Shaw again, now  that Ted is working with his own band and Jack & Tommy are  doing a side project?"

MJ - "Where do you see yourself in the future if things work out?  Do you want Styx to be somewhere in 10 years, or do you want  the James Young Group to be somewhere in 10 years?"

MJ - "What's coming up for you & JYG in the immediate future?"

MJ - "I've heard that there might be a live album out for the  James Young Group because your live show is so great. Any  truth to that rumour?"

Styx Renegade 1998