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JY Talks
MJ - "Did you get an opportunity to see Dennis in Jesus Christ Superstar?"

JY - "I went & saw it. Dennis has always had inclinations towards musical theater. Even 10 years before Kilroy when he was a teacher. He taught music education, he'd put on these plays with the kids in the junior high school and where they'd do all of these things. And there was always this sense of comedy, which maybe people don't realize about Dennis but there was this sense of comedy. There's always been this sense of theatrics about his performance, needless to say. So for me this was a natural thing for him do to and I thought he didn't over play it, he did it in an understated way. I mean Pontius Pilate...you don't have do to much to establish the character, we all know that he was gonna put that guy on a cross. And so, I thought he did great...he sang his ass off. And he wasn't on-stage long enough to make a fool of himself."

MJ - "I assume you're not insinuating that he *would* have made a fool of himself?" <laughing>

JY - <laughs> "No, the fact of the matter is, that the first time that anyone is out there doing something like that....I think it's good that he wasn't the lead. It's like get your feet wet....you know, get your theatrical legs happening...and if he does something like this again, he'd be ready and maybe he could get one of the lead roles."