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JY Talks
MJ - "Where do you see yourself in the future if things work out? Do you want Styx to be somewhere in 10 years, or do you want the James Young Group to be somewhere in 10 years?"

JY - "Well, it's like Paul McCartney...no matter what he does, people are always gonna ask "Are you ever gonna get back together with the Beatles?" The Styx thing is always gonna be there, there's always gonna be a demand for people like yourself and the millions of people who bought Styx records who say, "Wouldn't it be great if those guys got back together and did something..." So I'm sure that there's going to be an on-going, every few years there'll be some kind of a Styx thing, the same way that Phil Collins & Mike Rutherford do Genesis. But the James Young Group is as high a priority, and this is something that I have to do for myself as a creative human being. I love to rock hard and that's not what Styx is really about, and that's not how it's perceived by the record companies or radio. And mostly because Dennis has just been so successful at what he's done, that he's overshadowed me in a big way and I needed to do something else once again. While City Slicker was sort of the beginnings of that, my personal situation wasn't such that I was really ready to go out & make a commitment to other human beings. To put a band together and say "Hey, guys...we're sticking together and the group's gonna have my name. But this is a band, and this is something that is going to continue to exist and do." I wasn't ready to do that with City Slicker, because I always felt at that point that Styx SHOULD get back together, that we BELONG back together. But in seeing how the reunion went & that Tommy chose not to do it. Then he's off doing what he's gonna do, and Dennis is doing what he's gonna do...10 years from now, I don't know that I'm gonna be playing heavy rock <laughs!!> 10 years from now. FIVE years from now I think I will be...five years from now, I want the James Young Group to create an album that's the equivalent of Pink Floyd's The Wall. That's what I'd like to see."

MJ - "So this isn't just a side project for you..."

JY - "Exactly."