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JY Talks
MJ - "Are you going to be doing any songs besides what you've got on your 2 solo albums and some Styx stuff? During your warm-up I heard some unfamiliar tunes..."

JY - "There's a brand new song...some material we've been working on with this group..with the concept of maybe I'll get a solo album deal, with the James Young Group...which is my intention. I mean, Styx...it's a matter of Dennis has got his own separate things that he does. And Styx is going in the direction, really, that the record companies...all they want to hear is Dennis DeYoung ballads. And for me that's...I've enjoyed working with Dennis for the last 20 years, it's been great...but it's time for my personality to shine through a little bit more. And the record company doesn't want to hear that from this band...they don't want to promote it. They want something they can put on VH-1 that's got Dennis' voice on it. So this give me, sort of, a line-up of people that can really do a great job with MY ideas. The new song we're gonna do tonight is actually something that I didn't even write & another guys sings....Mike (Mike Baran). So we've got one new song that we're doing tonight."