Box 3538

Hollywood, CA 90078

APRIL 1988


          Springtime at last! I have just survived my first winter in more than 7 years spent in the midwest. Strangely, I actually enjoyed this one for the most part. Of course the Bears did not get past the Redskins for the 2nd year in a row, but at least the Redskins went on to win the Super Bowl. On to 1988!

          The second JY solo LP is finally completed. There's nothing really wrong with a little light-hearted insanity, is there? The associated characters are pretty much the same as I have mentioned over the last year. This one will be the first one totally produced by yours truly.

          Song titles are "Top of the World", "Maggie", "Toys for American Boys", "Dark Side: The Contrary Nature of Man", "Out on a Day Pass", "Love Me Tonight", "Doctor on Call", The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall", and a remake of the Styx song from 1973, "Young Man".

          "Day Pass" will be released by Line / Full Blast in Germany:Austria:Switzerland, Alfa Records in Japan & Hong Kong, Planet Records in Scandinavia, and High Dragon Records in France and other parts of Europe.

"DAY PASS" by mail order in the U.S.
          Since timing is everything in both comedy and the music business, I have decided to not sign with a U.S. company just yet until I am very sure that everything is right. But U.S. JY fans can still buy the new record (LP or CD, no cassettes as of yet) by mail from Absolute Records. I have taken the liberty of enclosing an order form.

          This gives my loyal fans a chance to hear it first, and of course I will very much welcome all your comments. It is my intention sometime in the next 9 months to sign with a U.S. distributor, but for now, if you live in America, it will have to be by mail order.

          We can accept advance orders, although we do not expect to have albums to ship out until mid May.

          Prospects continue to brighten, although as always in this world, there are no guarantees. Now that I have finally finished "Day Pass", in between overseas promotional tours I will be writing and recording more music.

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