Box 3538

Hollywood, CA 90078

APR-MAY 1987


            Springtime at Last! Hope everyone survived the long cold winter. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and the particular sub-species known as rock musicians gotta keep making records.

            I have just finished the first two weeks of recording for my second solo LP, working title still "Out On A Day Pass". Things are going along quite well.

            In addition to the people I mentioned in February, Willie Wilcox, the drummer from Utopia, has played drums on six of the nine tracks. Jerry Goodman, a fellow Chicagoan and violinist who played in the original Mahavishnu Orchestra with Jan Hammer, will play on a track. Jerry currently has two instrumental records on Private Music.

            If schedules permit, Jan Hammer will play on a track or two. My brother Rick will again play bass on a track, and my main songwriting collaborator Steve Jones will play drums on a track. I will also use a female backup vocalist on at least one tune.

            Release date still to be determined, but I'm working at it!

            I have just signed a deal with Alfa Records in Japan to (finally!) officially release City Slicker there. Alfa used to distribute A&M records in Japan, so they are very excited. They will also release the next two JY solo LP's.

            I just completed another trip to Germany and England at the end of March. I return with the news of..

            I spent an evening in the recording studio singing some background vocals on Tommy's next LP. It was a lot of fun, and felt a lot like old times. The vibes were also good, and I'm sure the Styx fans among you will enjoy listening to the vocal blend.

            Due to the pressures of the recording studio, I must cut back to four newsletters a year. I apologize for this, but I'm sure you guys would rather have me making music.

Here comes summertime........          

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