Box 3538

Hollywood, CA 90078

FEB. 1987


          I hope everyone had a safe holiday season. I make a habit of not going out with "amateurs" on New Year's Eve. That is the way to live to fight another year.

          I am sad to say that my Super Bowl Prediction did not come to pass. Patience & persistence is the key for all of us, including the Bears. I will now predict that they will win next year.

         My apologies for not issuing a January newsletter, but things got a little hectic, and I had to go back to Europe almost right after New Years. Nobody's perfect, certainly not me!

         The exciting news is that John Panozzo has agreed to play drums on at least one track. He and I are both looking forward to renewing our working relationship. At this pace we are talking a September release.

         Colin "Bomber" Hodgkinson will again play bass on a number of tracks, and Dan Hampton, #99 of the Chicago Bears, will show his off field prowess on bass guitar on a track. A few more suprises still to be announced.

          Nothing new to report just yet. but be patient.

           In the middle of March, I shall return once again to Germany. My German record company. Line / Full Blast, is going to release a single, either "City Slicker" or "Wild Dogs". Those Germans know how to rock. I shall be doing a number of interviews. and maybe have just one or two steins of Pilsener while I'm at it.

         The novelty is over. Just as video games faded after an exciting couple of years (I haven't touched my Pac-Man in quite some time), many people who watched MTV all the time are now bored with it. MTV is making wholesale changes to regain their audience, but it will be an uphill battle.

          It is sad to see some friendly VJ's not get their contracts renewed, but as they say, that's showbiz. Talk to you in April.

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