Box 3538

Hollywood, CA 90078

MAY 1986


         Thank you for your comments and letters of encouragement. It is my intention to issue a periodic newsletter that will keep everyone that is interested aware of what is happening in my career. I will try to answer questions that many of you have asked, and issue updates on the status of Styx.

          Some people have still not been able to find the City Slicker LP or Compact Disc. It is not a perfect world we live in, and things are not always the way we wish them to be. Write to my distributor, JEM Distributing Company. and you will be able to buy the album or CD by mail order.


Write them at: JY OFFER
c/o Jem Records P.O. Box 708
3619 Kennedy Rd.
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

         Many of you want to know the current status of Styx. At this point in time, there is no set timetable as to when the band will record together again. Later in the summer there will probably be a discussion on this topic by some of the key individuals, so stay tuned for more news.

         As far as a JY solo tour, I will not be going out this year. I had hoped to tour with Jan Hammer, but his commitment to Miami Vice prevented him from going on the road. I am currently working on new material, and have a good half an album roughed out.

         Tom "Rocko" Reedy is credited with babysitting on the City Slicker album. Some of you asked questions about this, but noo!, there are no JY offspring. Rocko was baby sitting ME! Artists do need to be babied when they are in the studio. Rocko is currently working for the group Survivor (another Chicago based bunch of guys).

          FACT: Recently on PBS, there was a show about coyotes, which confirmed that there is indeed a new hybrid of wolf / dog / coyote that has been identified roaming the wilds and the not so wild areas of the US. (On the streets of YOUR TOWN?)

         NEW INVENTIONS: I am thinking of developing a new brand of lead-lined underwear. These could be handy items for the next episode of Chernobyl, or for anyone heating up yesterday's pizza in the microwave. Whaddaya think?

Next update soon.....            

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