Box 3538

Hollywood, CA 90078

SEPT. 1986


            Things will never be the same in Europe! City Slicker to be released on Line Records in Germany, Switzerland & Austria, distributed by Intercord. I'll try and stay sober at Rocktoberfest!

           I did speak to everyone in the band in the month of August, and there will definitely not be a Styx album started this year. Based on these conversations, though, there is some possibility of an album being recorded in 1987. However, only a fool is sure.

           It is amazing to me how long this whole business has hung around. Only in a time when people have enough to eat, a roof over their heads and their country not engaged in a war could a ridiculous idea like this stay on people's minds so long.

           There are no backward satanic messages on Snowblind, or for that matter on any Styx album. You say Styx is the River of HELLFIRE!? I say that Styx is indeed the River of Death from Greek mythology (one of my pre-adolescent loves), but has nothing to do with the Judeo-Christian idea of Heaven & Hell.

           In Greek Mythology, if the gods were fond of you, they brought you up to Mt. Olympus for a long weekend. If the gods weren't fond of you, then it was underground rowboat for ya. Where you went had nothing to do with whether or not you got coal in your stocking at Christmas.

          The name Styx was chosen by those five guys from Chicago not because anyone was a devil worshipper (devil's food cake not withstanding), but simply because we could not agree on another name, and Styx was one that no one hated. Mythological and Metaphysical names were in vogue in 1972, and being the trendy guys we were back then, we chose the name Styx to sort of go with the flow.

          It is true that I have been spending a lot of time in Southern California lately. Since September of 1984 I have rented a house in L.A. With Styx on break there are a lot more opportunities for me there. Chicago is truly my home, though, so what follows is my...

          The Bears to repeat, of course!

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